Order marked as Fraud

My order was marked as fraud.


We use a system that will control all orders placed to counter fraudulent orders. This system work very well and saves us for a lot of work, however the system is not perfect and some times it can flag legitimate orders as fraudulent.

All orders that are marked as fraud are flagged for manual review and is usually processed fairly quickly. If you have been flagged by the fraud system, you could open a ticket to speed up the review or simply wait for one of our staff to review the order and accept it into the system.


Why the order might be flagged as fraud

There can be many reasons to why the order are flagged. The most common reasons are:

- IP is not matching your country of origin.
- Using a proxy or VPN during the checkout.
- The IP distance from your ISP is greater than XX.
- Using fake or incorrect client details, such as a non-existing address

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