How do I retrieve my password?

All users are provided a password upon purchasing of their VPN account. Your password will be randomly generated and sent to you via email shortly after purchasing your subscription, the email will be titles "Your VPN account info" from (This may also appear as North Networking).


If you did not receive this email, please ensure it is not located in your junk/spam folders as it might have been sent there by a filter.


If you find that you have not received this email, we recommend visiting your client area and navigate to your VPN service under "My services" and change your password. We strongly recommend a long and random generated password to ensure the highest degree of security for your account.


Please visit here If your VPN service/subscription shows as "Pending".


If you have any trouble changing your password or have not received an email with your username and password, please contact support here and we will be happy to assist you.

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