Why haven't I received my VPN login information?

If you paid for your account with a credit card, or if you payment is showing as having cleared, then your account information has been sent to you via email. If you do not see it, please make sure to check your SPAM or Junk Mail folder.


If you still are unable to locate your username and password, please review the following possible causes:

New Account Purchases

  • Ensure you are checking the correct email account: When a subscription is generated, you will be sent account details under the email address associated with your North Networking Client account.

  • Payment has failed or was delayed: Please check your bank/payment statement to ensure the payment completed successfully. If there is a message in the payment details that says "Pending", "Open", or any other message that might suggest the payment has not been fully processed, it likely means the payment is being processed by your bank before being forwarded to us. Once this happens (which can take several days), the payment will be sent along to us and an account will be created.

Existing/Confirmed Accounts

  • Our emails are being filtered to your spam folder: It's possible that the emails coming from our email system may be accidentally being misinterpreted as spam email, and are being filtered to your Spam folder in your email client.

  • Your email host is blocking emails originating from our email system: Some email hosts may misinterpret emails originating from our email system, and may flag our domain as spam, similar to explaining above. However, since this is at a server level, this is not something you would be able to directly configure or change, and would require you email host themselves to whitelist our email domain. Commonly, the only recourse would be to change the email address associated with your North Networking Account, to one on an entirely different email domain.


If you have still not received your account username and password, or experience any trouble, please contact support here and we will be happy to assist you.

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